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Originally conceived as one of my Myth Buster graphic pages for Newsweek's International Edition, a piece on global carbon emissions showing both national and per capita data has found a home in the April issue of the Atlantic Monthly. The image of a footprint is composed of circles sized relative to the carbon emissions of each nation and color coded according to region. There will be a second footprint of per capita emissions by nations ... more


AP asked me to create an illustration for an article on Baby Back Accounts: "The holidays are past, and the gifts have mostly been put away. But parents of young children may still be puzzling over what to do with the checks grandma and grandpa gave. The solution? Give junior an account of his own. Tax laws reward parents who put away money specifically for their children's futures. Simply depositing the money into your own account will keep ... more


Litigation Graphics
Early in my career at Newsweek I did a graphic about the proper use of a child car seat - how to hook the thing up with the seatbelt and all. I remember showing it to the Director of Information Graphics and he looked it over and remarked, "This graphic will save lives." ...and he meant it. That thought came to me when I worked on my first litigation graphic. Here was a case of an individual who had been severely debilitated by the arrogance and ... more

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